TCMERF’s Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program (MMTP) is designed to improve the health, safety and welfare of every client enrolled. Our program objective is to provide the highest quality outpatient drug treatment services possible. Our method for achieving this objective is using pharmacotherapy as a vital line in normalizing the functioning of the dysfunctional client within the framework of the whole person treatment modality.

An individual treatment plan is developed for each client and the treatment planning process begins during this initial on-site screening. After a client is determined appropriate for our program, the intake process begins. Following completion of the needs assessment, the client’s needs are listed by number on a Master Problem Clinical Needs List. The client’s input is crucial for the development of an effective, holistic treatment plan.

Understanding the problem and providing the tools that provide help, is essential when dealing with opiate addiction. All TCMERF counselors are experienced in methadone treatment and understand that, while methadone alleviates the physical discomfort associated with opiate addiction, counseling and appropriate treatment planning is the pinnacle on which an individual restores order to an otherwise disorderly life. Medication, counseling, education and referrals are some of the tools utilized by TCMERF’s treament staff in helping their clients live a normal satisfying life.

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